Termite 101 - A Very Informative Termite Guide

Welcome to this information site that will tell you everything you need to know about termites.

In the pages of this website you will find out all of the basics about termites. Everything from how to identify the species of termite that you might be running up against, to how you can tell if your house is infested with them, to DIY improvements you can do to keep them from getting in.

After reading our site you be armed with the knowledge to eradicate the termite threat from your life. Skills like building a solid defence, keeping an eye out for them, knowing what to do if you happen to see one, and knowing who to call if that ever happens. All of it is really good to know.

Types of Termites

Termite Types - Information to help figure out what kind of termite you are looking at.

How to Identify Termites - A lesson on how to identify the termites you have.

Formosan Termites - Whats a formosan Termite? We answer that here.

Formosan Subterranean Termite Research - The Latest Research and discoveries on Formosan Termties.

Subterranean Termites - Information and a description of Subterranean Termties.

Drywood Termites - Information and a description of drywood Termites.

Flying Ants vs. Termites - How to tell the difference between these two pests.

Flying Termites - Information and a description of Flying Termites.

Captenter Ants - Information and a description of Carpenter Ants.

Control Carpenter Ants - strats and information on contrilling Carpenter Ants.

Killing Carpenter Ants - How to kill Carpenter Ants, get rid of Carpenter Ants, How get rid of Carpenter Ants.

Termite Treatments

Treating Termites, Termite Treatments - A look into the different type of treatments for termites from different DIY methods to exterminators.

How to Kill Termites - How to get rid of termites explained right here!

Do It Yourself Termite Treatments - All you need to know about the DIY termite treatments.

Termite Repair - What needs to happen after you have termite damage and how you need to deal with it.

Termite Repair Cost - How much will the damage cost you to repair?

Orange Oil - Information on this new exciting way to deal with termites.

Does Boric Acid Kill Termites? - Yes it does here is information on boric acid and termites.

Carbon Dioxide May be the Future of Fighting Termite Infestation - Explains the way that this new option works and how efective it is.

Termite Shields - An explination on the many different kinds if way to shield termites.

Termite Spray - Information on hte different kind of termite sprays.

Termite Chemicals - Information on different termite chemicals and how they work.

Termite Bait - What kind to use and how to bait termite, baiting termite.

Termite Exterra - Information about the termite bait exterra.

Termite Sentricon - Information about Termite Sentricon.

Termite Traps - Info on the different kinds of termite traps and how to use them.

Natural Termite Treatments - A look into the natural way to treat termites.

Termite Premise - Information on termite premise.

Termite Control

Termite Control Information - There are many ways to control termites and this is a look at different methods and ways.

Termite Control Professionals and Companies (Pest Companies, Termite Companies) - A look into different types of companies and the companies themselves.

Termite Repair Company - Information on choosing the best termite repair company for your needs.

Termite Tenting - Information on what termite tenting is really abot, the chemicals they use, etc.

Cost of Tenting for Termites - How much will tenting for termites really cost?

Termite Fumigation - A look and the many different way to fumigate for termites.

Termite City - A brief decription and some pictures of the termite city, so cool looking!

Termite Cost - How much to these pests end up costing, you will be suprised.

Termite Control Cost - What is the avarage cost of termite control and when you are buying.

Termite Treatment Cost - A look into the many different costs of different types of treatments.

Pest Control Cost - The costs of getting rid of different pests.

Termite Exterminator - What these guys will do to your house and what to know before they get there.

Exterminator Cost - How much should and exterminator cost? What to expect.

Termite Colonies

Termite Colonies - A look into termite colonies. Information about the way they work, the kings and queens, the workers, etc.

General Information on Termites - Basic Information about termites.

What are Termites? - AN indepth look at what termites really are.

Termite Tubes - What termite tubes are and how to find them.

Termite Queens - Information on the queen termite and how to identify her.

Termite Life Cycle - How long do they live and how long to the colonies live?

Termite Eggs - How to identify termite eggs and get rid of them.

Termite Larve - What termite larve looks like and how to identify it.

Termite Signs - What are the tell tale signs of termites? Find these sgns and do something about it!

Termite Droppings - What termite droppings look like and where to look for them.

How to Find out if A House Is Infested with Termites - Information on how to tell if your house is infestd now.

Termite Wood - The wood termites love and the ones they hate. Also what to do to wood to turn a termites stomach.

Termite House - How they live in yours and what they do to it.

What Termites Look Like

What Termites Look Like - This is what a termite looks like.

Termite Pictures - A Picture collection to help you figure out what you are looking at.

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