Do it Yourself Termite Treatments

Once you have termites then pesticides and control is a specialist job and should only be undertaken by professionals. The applications of the chemicals are not necessarily predictable or straightforward and you have to be aware of the life cycle of termites to do it effectively. To treat underground is not easy and specialist drilling may be recommended. However you can protect your outhouses and sheds, barns and fences yourself with liquid repellents. This would not be catastrophic if the termites got out of hand, but remember that termites not successfully treated will carry on until they have eaten your house.

It is also possible to treat your wood after the house has been constructed and the efficacy of this depends on the strength of the chemicals used. This can be effective in the areas that have been treated but it may need specialist digging and it is only effective in specialized areas. Best results are obtained by drilling into the termite nests and injecting the chemicals.

Once the liquid deterrents have been applied then to extra sure you can use termite pellets which have been poisoned as bait. However this is not always as simple as it seems and they have to be near the termite nests and if you are not sure where the nests are located then a professional job will give you peace of mind and a guarantee. Whilst termite eradication is expensive it is a far cheaper price to pay than unsuccessful treatment.

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