How To Get Rid Of Termites

People are very interested in discovering how to get rid of termites. They are a common problem, especially in the south, and are very costly if let go to far. Left to their own devices they can utterly damage your structure. If you are interested in how to get rid of termites here are a few pointers to get you on the right track.

You will first have to determine if you really have a termite problem. After that you will have to identify the type of infestation that exists. Then you can consider exactly how to get rid of your termites. There are places around the country where termites are common and if you live in one of these area you should get an annual inspection by a professional.

There are signs you can look for to signal an infestation. They include things like finding dead termites or the wings from swarming termites. Another thing to look for are mud tunnels. These form around your foundation and protect the termites as they travel above ground.

There are two major types of termites that can infest your home: Drywood termites and tunneling termites. There are a few options you have when it comes to drywood termites. Tenting for termites by a professional company is one way.

Tenting is done by wrapping the house in a sealed tent and filling it with pesticide, then they use liquid nitrogen or heat to pump into the structure. It's also a practice to use microwaves or high high voltage electrical current into the affected lumber.

Tunneling termites are a bigger challenge. Getting rid of these pests is much more difficult and more expensive. Usually you have to call a pest control company. They will dig a trench around the foundation of the house. If there is a crawl space they they will dig the trench inside of the wall.

After the trench is dug it is then filled with a poison. They use one of two kinds of poisons. One kind will repel the termites while the other kind kills them. Poisoned bait will be laid out after the application of the poison that guarantees the death of any lucky termites that survived the first dose. If there is concrete then holes must be drilled into the slab and poison poured in to kill any termites underneath. After all that the mud tunnels must be destroyed.

Homes will wells could be in danger of this kind of treatment by poisoning the water supply. Also if there are drains near the house that cause the poison to contaminate the city sewers this method might be prohibited. If a cement slab is what your house sits on exterminators have to dig into it and pour under the house. The presence of pesticides under the house makes people nervous to say the least.

If the chemical trench method can not be done then you have to just use baits or treat the dirt from the trench and refill the trench with it. This is usually more expensive and more tedious then the liquid poison.

The best lesson on how to get rid of termite is prevention. Just make sure they do not have the environment to live and make sure you bait and protect your house. You can't take their food away obviously so other methods have to be used. Keep wood and debris away from your house and make sure to repair your leaks.

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