All About Natural Termite Treatments

Lots of people are aware that the chemicals used in pest control are damaging to the environment and a possible health hazard. That's why more and more people are looking for natural termite treatments. They want these treatments to be effective against the pests in their homes, but they also want them to do as little damage to the world around us as possible. If you have pets or small children, you'll probably be especially concerned about the health hazards of conventional termite treatments.

Chemicals are without a doubt the most effective method for getting rid of termites, but they have many unfortunate side effects. Natural termite treatments, used under the right conditions, can minimize the damage that's done and help you keep termites out of your home. There are several different options, but the majority of natural termite control options combine prevention with extermination, and avoid the use of conventional pesticides.

Sand barriers and termite shields are extremely common. These are your first line of defense against termites, as they keep them from being able to enter your home in the first place. They also make termite attempts to get past them extremely obvious, since termites must build mud tubes to travel over these barriers. Of course, while well installed barriers are incredibly useful at preventing an infestation, they don't do anything about termites that are already in the building.

When termite infestations do happen, the least toxic method of treatment should be used. Orange oil, boric acid wood treatments, and other methods have all been used to get rid of termites. Another natural termite treatment that is sometimes used against drywood species is boiling water, injected directly into the nest. It has no long term side effects, and takes care of colonies that aren't widespread yet.

However, natural termite treatments almost all focus primarily on prevention. Just using a few strategies and changing a few things around your home can make a big difference. Keeping termites from having food sources and places to hide is probably one of the best treatments out there. For instance, getting rid of sources of moisture, which termites need to survive, can do a lot to keep them out of your home. That's why fixing leaks and using moisture barriers under your home can help prevent infestations.

If you live in an area that's prone to termite problems, you should look into natural termite treatments. Prevention is the best medicine, and they can help you avoid having to deal with a nasty termite infestation. Find out what you can do to keep termites out, without using chemical pesticides. You'll be happier and your home will be safer.

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