Termite Control Cost - What You Need To Know

Anyone living in an area that's prone to termite infestations (and most of North America is) should be thinking about termite control cost. There are many different ways to control termites, from simple prevention to heat, microwave, fumigation, chemical and baiting treatments. The cost of controlling your termite problem is going to depend on the size of the structure that needs to be treated, the type of structure, and how easy it is to access. Let's take a look at some common costs and factors that will affect what you'll pay for treatment.

Chemical types of termite control are usually priced by linear foot, so a home that has a one hundred fifty linear foot perimeter (1,250 square feet of area) will tend to cost between $1,500 and $2,500. The larger the home, the more expensive the treatment will be, with homes on a slab foundation costing more than homes on other types. The same house, treated with bait type methods, will start at $1,500 and rise from there, with a 2,500 square foot home starting at about $3,000.

Fumigation type treatments have different termite control cost calculation. Generally, they're based on the number of cubic feet in a home, plus attached areas such as a deck. If the home must be tented, gas fumigation costs anywhere from $1,200 to $2,500 for a 1,250 quare foot house, and $2,200 to $4,000 for a larger 2,500 square foot building. Heat extermination requires tenting the home as well, and is somewhat less expensive. Microwave systems and electrogun methods are for smaller infestations, and cost about a thousand dollars each.

There are a number of things that you can expect to have included in your termite control cost. For instance, chemical methods are done by digging trenches or drilling holes around the outside of the home, then adding chemicals. Baiting is preferred if the home is close to a stream or lake, and also involves drilling. These two methods are common when activity is moderate.

Lethal gas fumigation or heat methods are more likely to be used when the whole house is infested. You may be asked to leave for four to five days with lethal gas tenting, but heat processes leave no lingering chemicals. They take only about eight hours, and can be targeted to single areas, such as the living room or a bedroom, for localized infestations. Electroguns send a high voltage charge through a termite gallery. Like microwave treatments, it is designed to work on a small trouble area, not a whole house.

The type of house you have can raise or lower the cost of your termite treatment, depending on what it is. You can expect your termite control cost to rise if there is thick cement around the home, requiring more drilling. Some companies will offer yearly renewal plans that ensure inexpensive treatment if the problem recurs. Slabs will raise the cost of chemical treatments, but will decrease the cost of tenting, since basements mean greater house volume. No matter what your situation is, it's important to learn what the likely cost of termite control for your home will be, just in case.

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