What Is Termite Premise?

One of the top three termite control companies around the globe, Bayer Termite Control is known best for producing termite Premise. This product has proven its effectiveness at helping to get rid of and keep away termites. Since termites are a difficult, damaging pest, proper treatment for them is extremely important. For many homeowners, Premise is the method they need to get things under control.

Premise is a product that has been shown to have termite killing properties in a single application. It also keeps future infestations from occurring if applied annually. Bayer has conducted extensive research to show that their product is effective over a period of seven years. Results from this research showed that termite Premise had significantly better performance than competing products on the market at that time.

This is what has made Bayer and termite Premise among the most trusted companies in the industry. The company's confidence in their product and willingness to do exhaustive research make it stand out. They also offer the industry's leading guarantee, allowing customers to feel just as confident that the product is functional and effective as a means of termite control.

This guarantee states that if termite Premise fails to stop an infestation at any point during the seven years after the initial application, Bayer will reimburse up to a hundred percent of all retreatment costs, including both materials and labor. Residential accounts can be reimbursed up to a thousand dollars, and commercial accounts may be reimbursed up to five thousand dollars. Prices greater than this will be reimbursed up to the limit, and homeowners must pay the rest of the cost.

However, this guarantee requires that yearly inspections be carried out by the company initially responsible for application of termite Premise in the first place. If all conditions have been met, the guarantee also includes payment of the insurance deductible for termite damage, so long as it is less than five hundred dollars per structure insured. These guarantees show that this company is confident about the effectiveness of its product.

People who are concerned that their properties may be infested with termites should investigate termite Premise as a possible solution. After all, termites can do a lot of damage to a home, and it's important to use a product that will do the job right the first time. Any homeowner wants the ability to keep his or her home safe from termite damage and infestation, and the enormous bills they cause. Check to find out if Premise is the product that's right for your situation.

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