Termite Sentricon - Does Baiting Work?

Termite baiting systems are becoming a less invasive alternative to conventional barrier methods of treatment. They allow less poison to be injected into the ground, and offer customers a ray of hope when dealing with these unpleasant, invasive pests. However, baiting systems such as termite Sentricon can also be extremely expensive. This means that many people are concerned with whether or not this kind of treatment will actually get rid of their termite problems. Let's take a look at the way products like this work, their benefits, and their downsides.

The termite Sentricon system relies on the ability of termites to find stakes in below ground bait stations. Once termites start feeding on these stakes, the stakes are removed and a bait tube is added. If the termites know that this area offers food, they'll then start feeding on the bait station. Sentricon's bait includes a chemical that inhibits the growth of chitin. This substance is passed around the colony by the termites, and keeps them from properly molting.

Since this is a slow process, termites don't notice that the colony is in trouble. That keeps the increased breeding that often happens when many termites are killed from happening. Over time, this kind of termite treatment has the potential to kill the entire colony. However, it may take a long time, and there are some factors that could complicate matters. Removal of the bait stakes from the station can cause problems with the tubes that lead to them, causing the termites to abandon the station.

Stations that are located in dryer areas may not be found by termites, which require wet soil to live and feed. They'll stick to foraging low down in the ground and won't come up to the area where the station is located. This can lead to the homeowner believing that the colony has been wiped out, when it has been merely slowed down. This can be be a real issue when it comes to using termite Sentricon baiting systems. The system has to be put in place in the correct environmental conditions, and termites must be able to reach the bait, in order for the system to work correctly.

In most cases, if you're using the termite Sentricon system, you'll be in a contract that states you'll receive conventional treatment if Sentricon doesn't work in two years. The length of this contract is due to the fact that baiting is a long term proposition that takes time to work. It won't just wipe out termites right away. Termite baiting stations must be used in the right conditions - when wet, not too hot, and not too cold, they have the ability to reduce or eliminate the population of a local termite colony. To make sure that the termites disappear, partial conventional treatment might be used as well.

If you use them right, baiting systems like termite Sentricon can be really useful. Just remember that they're not a magic bullet, you won't see results right away, and the company you hire has to know what they're doing for the product to work. Do your research and find out everything you can about these types of products, and any other termite control methods, then make your choice based on what you find out.

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